Youth Success with Teen Revolution

TR youth have opportunities to be involved in almost every aspect of Teen Revolution ...from planning workshops & events, to creation of products (many for sale at TR), to implementation & delivery of their ideas, along with work opportunities at TR and TR sponsored clients.

We at TR believe given the correct tools, our Youth will build upon their newly acquired foundation (bricks) of knowledge and create a solid education, financial and social vision for themselves. 

We train, promote and recognize the most valuable resource we have: our Youth!

Teen Revolution staff is experienced, nurturing and committed to providing a one of a kind learning experience that over time builds the skills necessary for our youth to own their plans for their future and make smart life, academic, economic and career decisions.    

 All TR participants are treated with respect, encouraged to participate with peers (and TR leadership) in various TR opportunities which ultimately lead to growth in the areas of increased self-esteem (without judgement), skill development and knowledge, improved teamwork, negotiation skills, conflict resolution all the while making new new friends and building a resume for the Future...Today!

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