Meet TR Leadership

Deb Fahey: Founder/Teen Revolution "TR" and Teen Steps to Success (TS²)


 Helping one child at a time – Find Their Steps to Success.  

Why TR?

As a recipient of a full scholarship to Babson College, I realize how small steps lead to big opportunities. 

At TR - Your child will be nurtured but not enabled, will be guided but not 'taught', they will explore, learn, adapt, model, predict, estimate, build, transform and learn the value of who and what they can offer to themselves and the world. They will build a tangible "portfolio" of skills, experiences, life building tools and 

opportunities to be treasured today and used post high-school.

Authentic, personalized learning is what TR offers and what TR kids embrace!

Many of our workshops are STEM based.  Reasonable rates & flexible schedules available - contact

About me: As a global professional for over 30+ years, building exceptional high performing individuals & teams. Over the years, my teams have built and implemented some of the latest technology in the industry including: Cloud, End User Computing,  IVRs, Artificial Intelligence, FBI data identification systems, Center for Disease Control software, Educational & Scientific implementations and Store Valued Cards, just to name a few.


For years, I have trained/coached/mentored individuals in the product/software development, program/project management, Agile/Scrum, Lean, SAFe framework.

Currently, I’m working on my Masters of Education in Curriculum & Instruction with a specialty in Dyslexia & Language Based Disabilities/Differences. 

I am Wilson Reading System trained (finishing certification L1 shortly), Federation Children for Special Needs/PCTI trained, volunteer as a Special Education Surrogate Parent, have worked with youth in Department of Juvenile Justice, started a non-profit to lead, mentor, train our youth and started a Learning Differences Center of Excellence (LDCOE) organization to help students & families navigate the world of learning differences in today's educational systems, while preparing for career and l