In Their Words...

"My daughter has been so excited to attend the program every day, she jumps out of bed knowing she will be at TR later in the day"

      Proud Mom of TRMember

"I'm so impressed with the level of engagement of my son & daughter at home, they seem happier and tell me it's because of TR and all that they are learning and 'it's their place'"

      Couldn't be Happier - Ashland, MA

"...I see my kids blossoming with TR and having their own thoughts, ideas and positivity....including building friendships!

    LaureenB. parent of 11 and 13 year old

"I love TR...this is my place where I can be who I am, find out about me and what I want to do!"

      11 year old

"This place is full of relaxation, fun, creativity and many more inspirational things we can do here at TR!"

        Maeve Derick TRM 10 year old

"There are so many fun activities and a chance for me to learn about what I want to do in the future...TR has so many opportunities for me which inspire my future and I get to work there too!"

      14 year old TRA

"Finally a place that is for us!"

       Anonymous participant 

"TR has changed my life. I no longer sit in my room bored and alone, or doing computer games...I have a purpose to learn about me and what I want or even to just have fun and know that TR and Ms. Deb have inspired me and my spirit!"

     Jenny, Age 15

"My son and daughter love the variety of workshops, activities and how they can be directly involved in building TR.

        Cathy parent of 15 & 16 year old.